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Expanded Professional Learning Offerings for the 2024-2025 School Year

Lavinia Group Unveils Expanded Professional Learning Offerings for the 2024-2025 School Year

Lavinia Group Unveils Expanded Professional Learning Offerings for 2024-2025

[EAGAN, MINN.] — Lavinia Group, a division of K12 Coalition, rolls out its expanded suite of professional learning opportunities for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Educators will refresh their practice with innovative teaching strategies and emerging research-based theories by using professional learning as a critical tool for fostering high-quality teaching practices. Sessions are designed to inspire students to pursue learning with greater curiosity and vigor by leveraging significant changes in educational practices, student engagement, and learning outcomes.

Educators can enroll in an array of Professional Learning Courses, Workshop Intensives, and Professional Learning Labs focusing on critical areas such as the science of reading, close reading, instructional leadership, or small-group tutoring and intervention in literacy or mathematics. 

New this year, Lavinia Group expands its Professional Learning Courses, offering a third option of in-person course launches to its asynchronous and synchronous learning modalities. Professional Learning Labs, consisting of four consecutive one-hour virtual sessions, facilitate a deeper exploration of a subject matter while refining instructional skills in real-time. Completing Lavinia Group’s expanded professional learning offerings, one-day Workshop Intensives provide targeted sessions focused on aligning instructional methods with effective strategies for student growth.

All professional learning offerings provide collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities for educators. Schools can choose from a variety of learning modalities, including online, synchronous, and in-person formats. Notably, Lavinia Group now offers in-person professional learning, allowing schools to bring educational experts directly to their own school.

“As we navigate the evolving landscape of education, our commitment is to provide educators with cutting-edge tools and methodologies that reflect the latest research and best practices,” says Jackie Taslim, Co-President of Lavinia Group.

School Year 2024-2025 Offerings

  • Professional Learning Courses: Educators have three flexible learning modalities to choose from in the yearlong courses offered by Lavinia Group: Asynchronous Self-Paced, Blended Learning, and a new Summer In-Person + Blended Learning option (Close Reading or Math Story Problems) beginning with a full-day in-person kick-off in NYC. Each course spans four learning modules. The 2024-2025 offerings encompass a range of subjects including Close Reading for Meaning, Science of Reading, Literacy and Math Tutoring & Intervention, Math Story Problems, and a course dedicated to Lavinia Group’s RedThread Knowledge 6-8 middle school literacy curriculum. 
  • Workshop Intensives: Lavinia Group’s virtual or in-person one-day Workshop Intensives provide teachers and school leaders with professional learning to achieve year-end benchmarks in math or literacy, learn instructional management best practices, or equip new teachers with methods that create a positive classroom culture. For a more tailored professional learning experience, charters or districts can schedule in-person workshop intensives at their school sites to meet school- or district-specific goals. 
  • Professional Learning Labs: Lavinia Group Learning Labs provide a continuous yet flexible learning opportunity through four consecutive one-hour sessions. Topics include a Math Content series, the Science of Reading, instructional leadership, and creating a positive classroom culture. 
  • RedThread Curriculum Institutes: To support the adoption and implementation of the new RedThread Literacy Program launching in Fall 2024, Lavinia Group will offer interactive leader cohorts, introductory curriculum sessions, and yearlong unit launches.

Educators will explore the entire RedThread Literacy Program through in-person or virtual curriculum launches, followed by yearlong virtual unit launches. For schools using only the K-8 knowledge-building English Language Arts curriculum, there is an in-person or virtual curriculum launch, with virtual unit launches scheduled throughout the year. For schools using only the K-5 phonics program, educators can participate in an in-person or virtual curriculum launch.

Additionally, RedThread Leader Cohorts, led by curriculum and instruction experts, will provide collaborative sessions that cover crucial observation and coaching principles, advanced data analysis strategies, and cutting-edge instructional management theories.

Lavinia Group will also continue to offer its transformative instructional coaching — comprehensive support combining innovative teaching techniques with rigorous academic standards to advance academic achievement in schools. 

Purnima Chopra-Vohra, Director of Programs at Lavinia Group, says “High-quality professional learning is crucial for enhancing student achievement. Our offerings are grounded in rigorous research, and designed to be interactive, engaging, and immediately applicable, empowering educators to transform their teaching practices and drive substantial academic progress.” 

Curtis Durham, Principal at Brownsville Ascend Middle School, emphasizes the practical value of Lavinia Group’s Professional Learning, noting that the strategies discussed are immediately applicable in classroom settings. Feedback from over 100 sessions shows high participant satisfaction, with more than 90 percent of educators expressing a willingness to re-engage with the company’s professional development and professional learning programs.

For more information on the full range of courses view Lavinia Group’s Professional Learning Catalog.


Lavinia Group, a division of K12 Coalition, is dedicated to propelling K-12 schools toward rapid academic growth in math and literacy. Renowned for its revolutionary curriculum, instructional coaching, professional development, and summer learning programs, Lavinia Group consistently achieves double-digit improvements in student performance. Its collaborative, immersive approach with educators and school leaders ensures long-term, sustainable academic success.

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Monica McShaffrey, Communications Manager

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